Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wet Ride

Good thing I bought and brought good rain gear.  The forecasts for the area show rain and showers for the next week.  It may put a damper on taking road movies as I don't want to test the water resistance of my helmet cam just yet.

Spent most of my time yesterday at the Museum of Science and Industry which is spread over six buildings and many floors.  My footsies are tired despite the Dr. Scholls Inserts I stuck in my shoes.

Waiting for breakfast time (8:30 on weekends) which is in a little less than an hour.  I'm starved, and speaking of food, these Brits know how to make takeaway sandwiches.  I remember how good the selection was on previous trips and this one doesn't disappoint.  Even Heathrow has a shop which sells Just Made sandwiches made by Pret.  They're all made in a nearby kitchen out of local ingredients. They don't have a shelf life because any left over are given to local charities at end of day.

Today I'm off to the Tourist Information Centre to see what I can find that doesn't involve walking for six hours.  Then a big meal somewhere on Canal Street.

Technical note: my iMac wasn't sending its video stream yesterday so I managed to reboot by VNC to my MINI and then SSH to the iMac.  Convoluted but it worked.  Reminds me of the trip where my bank didn't accept foreign online banking connections and I had to X Window to work and Netscape remotely to make it think it was sending to Canada.

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