Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Keswick, 40 Miles Done

Left the Quaker House dining room after our communal breakfast and had to scramble to get my luggage ready for transfer at the requested 9:00 am deposit.  The morning dark clouds rushed across the sky to reveal a glorious blue with the occasional white puff.  No need for the heavy rain gear today so I was into my tights and spandex and out the gate lickety-split.  Got the first interest in my helmet cam by two cyclists as I opened the gate.

Most people round these parts are hikers.  One can see them scattered about the fells with their walking sticks and knapsacks. I think I was the lone cyclist during my stay.

The route to Keswick, shortly after exiting Grasmere, begins with a long climb up the Dunmail Raise which I walked for part of the way.  Once crested there is a knuckle-whitening downhill run with my needed left turn off the main road at the bottom.  After that it's narrow, flat, beautiful and practically deserted for miles.  I was up in top gear for a long part of it.

The weather being pleasant, I had the helmet cam running but I managed to attach it upside down so I have an upside down movie.  If I find a way to invert it it will be posted.  In lieu, a small description;  moss and timber on the left, Lake Thirlmere on the right, deer suddenly running startled from beside me as I pass, flat twisty road.

UPDATE: Amazing what one can do with Linux on a Netbook. I managed to invert the video with a couple of command lines and here it is. It was my first live run with the camera so, inexperienced as I was, I only managed to take one video, that of the Quaker House to the intersection with Dunmail Raise.  Video quality has suffered a little as a result of the rotation processing.

Reached Keswick just before 11:00 am and milled about until it was a decent check-in time.  Just got my luggage transfer and zipped out to the coinwash and did a laundry.  Bicycle is stowed in the conservatory of the hotel.

The Route:

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