Thursday, May 26, 2011

Edinburgh - Full Tourist Day

Hello All,

Today I was a tourist; the Camera Obscura and its many floors of very interesting optical displays, Gladstone's Land (life in the 1500's and later), a quick pop over to Holyrood, the Royal Museum of Scotland where I hoped to see the marvelous clock (alas renovations have made it inaccessible until July), the Royal Yacht Britannia,  and a walk through The Meadows.

Senior Citizen is defined as 60+ here so I've been saving a bundle on admission prices.

I'm amused by some signs in the UK.  The wording on this one reminded me of one I'd seen in Southampton with the rather suggestive message, 'Air Canada does it both ways'.  If you'd like to set that pupil down you may choose to uplift another more to your liking.

A View Near the Ocean Terminal

My charming little room here at Fraoch House where Gareth Houston runs one of the best B&B's I've encountered.  He is so welcoming, down to earth and accommodating that it's no wonder the Trip Advisor reviews, without exception, are glowing.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The following two photos may be of interest to my cycling readers.  This is a typical national cycle route marker showing direction and route number.  The UK is criss-crossed with so many of these trails that one occasionally comes to a crossing of paths and has to choose the right number.

This is one of the cycle network artworks with those flying fins whose significance I have not researched as yet.

 The Meadows

 City view from atop the Camera Obscura

Rear of Scottish Parliament Buildings

This marks the end of the adventure.  I'll be off to Edinburgh Airport after breakfast tomorrow (barring any sudden wind shift with accompanying ash cloud) and flying to Heathrow for a long layover and then on to Montreal and finally, home.  Kitties here I come - get ready to cuddle.



  1. Glad you remembered the kitties - yes, its'; time you came home and
    let them know you are still in the 'land of the living'.

    Congratulations on continuing to enjoy every last moment of your
    vacation, I hope there are no unnecessary interruptions in your return

    Take care, Joani

  2. Jim, in your absence we formed a committee, have sold your worldly goods, and are currently residing south of Phoenix, AZ, where we obtained some property on the cheap. We left your clothes in a box on the curb ... hope you can still find them.

    This is what happens when abandonment occurs. We hope that you understand our decision and that there are no hard feelings. We will go on with fond memories of you.