Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rookhope to Chester-le-Street, Second Last Day

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Lots of videos today.  Weather was glorious and the wind was behind me except for a short period when I had it on my right side practically blowing me off the road.  There's nothing to stop it on the moors and it is ferocious.  Climbed a rocky incline rather than losing altitude and having to use the roadway (which even motorists find daunting).  The number of cyclists gradually increased and it progressed to the point where we had a little crowd waiting to go through a gate.

Stopped at a charming little cafe for cyclists and had a tea to warm my hands.  Talked to a cyclist from Newcastle and a motorist from Oregon.

Veered off the path to visit the Beamish Open Air Museum for about an hour and a half.  Made my way back to the path and didn't realize that I forgot to update my GPS route to include the finalized hotel so I overshot it and had to use the map to backtrack and plot a course through three little towns to get to my hotel.

I'm in the Moorings, a rather posh place on the outskirts of Chester-le-Street.   Tomorrow it's just a skip and a hop into Sunderland so I'll have lots of time to explore it before surrendering my bike on Monday morning.

The Photos

The Cute Little Bike Cafe at Parkhead
A Former Railway Station

Scenes of the Beamish Open Air Museum

The Videos (The complete set is available via my YouTube channel; kaybikerow)

Out of Rookhope

Ovine Meeting

The Ruins

Winds on Top/The Parkhead Cafe

Waskerley Way

Not Alone Any Longer, Population Begins

Flying towards Chester-le-Street

Over the Viaduct

There are more videos to be uploaded.  I left the computer running overnight to get these ready and the rest, as well as those of my final run into Sunderland (starting in a few hours) will be uploaded from there.  You may hear a 'beep, beep' in the videos.  That is my GPS telling me that there is a course change approaching.

Later, Jim

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