Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Wandering

Canal Street, Velvet Restaurant

Near Lowry and the War Museum

Took in the Imperial War Museum North today.  It's located in one of those river areas loaded with hypermodern architecture. A pedestrian lift bridge, the Lowry Centre, glass and high-tech...

The day started cold and rainy but weather is extremely variable here; one moment warm and sunny, five minutes of cloud and mist, heavy rain, high wind, then calm again.

Went down to Canal Street to have a lovely sandwich and salad at Velvet, then I popped over to the train station to purchase my ticket to Ulverston.

I've got a temporary 'buddy'. A somewhat drunk fellow who has been in the city for 8 days and who, as I do, takes the free shuttle buses, chatted me up yesterday.  Today he boarded the same bus I was on and sat beside me and chatted again.

I'm planning a little jaunt to the local monster mall which is 2k from Eccles.  Think I'll see 'Source Code' tomorrow to stay off my feet.


  1. A mall. You're going to a mall!? I don't want to hear next that you're popping into Walmart for a pack of cheap ciggies.

    I know it's no consolation, but it's raining here all week, too. At least you're not missing anything.

    Went to the Preston Market today. Thought of you... there's a woman there selling dahlias. They were either $4.50 per bulb or per bag. Wasn't clear.

    Enjoy the film tomorrow!

  2. Jim Thanks a lot we ae enjoying it more anon

  3. Sorry Jim, that was Joani Lann is giving me instructions
    your 'pupil' is rather slow!!!

  4. Good Evening Jim!

    I have spent this afternoon walking through Chinatown
    They have their art exhibition in different stores(the ones with
    balloons outside!
    Please let us know what is INSIDE the delicious sandwiches!

  5. Canal Street *sigh*. Don't need to tell you of all people how envious I am. (It's even been featured once or twice on "Coronation Street").