Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newcastle Walks

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The map above shows some, but not all, of my meanderings around Newcastle over the last day and one half.  I did manage to take public transit today in the form of the Metro and a Sightseeing bus but there was still considerable walking not shown on this map.

Suffice to say, my feet are tired, I'm in for the night and off to Edinburgh by train tomorrow.
This is one half of my cozy room, the unseen half has two other beds, a dresser and a wardrobe.

I am scheduled to fly out of Edinburgh to Heathrow on Friday so the ash cloud may play a part in my fate.  Fortunately my travel insurance provides compensation for any added expenses incurred as a result but I'd rather not have to deal with it.  I noted that BMI flights were still scheduled as of this morning but I'll make periodic checks.

The wind, though a regular feature of this area, has been excessive with Scotland getting gusts over 100mph.  Perhaps it will blow the ash into France before I fly.

Not much in the way of photos today; the weather was a mix of downpours, wind, and lovely sunny breaks - completely unpredictable.  I bought a day ticket on the Metro and ventured to some of the suburban stops, one being Heworth where I took this picture in the older part of the cemetery.  There is a cemetery near my lodging which is in a total shambles, stones toppled and broken, overgrown with weeds, litter strewn everywhere.  I found it sad that the oldest parts are so neglected, quite unlike what we find in Canada.


Near my lodging

Till tomorrow,



  1. Loving the photos. I have always found distressed cemeteries interesting, in a way. We build these stones to keep some memory of us on the earth, and when they are treated like discarded rubbish it only makes the point that ultimately, we are all forgotten. Quite sad and memorable. Newcastle looks to have its charms, and I look forward to hearing from you in Eburgh.

  2. I agree with Bob. Well, you know how much I love old cemeteries, Coot.

    And what a cozy little room! Speaking of attics, I'm in mine now. Bell fiddled about with the lines outside, and my network connection up here has gone from "very low" to "very good". It's all relative, though, and means that it takes only about seven seconds for a page to load instead of 30.

    I hope your flight works out okay, but I'm glad to see that "they" are not taking any chances.

  3. "No day shall erase you from the memory of time."

    - Virgil's Aeneid - Book IX.