Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting Line

I've made it to Ulverston by train and coach within the last hour.  It is very drizzly but not cold.
Here is the route we took;

View Made it to Ulverston in a larger map

One of my biggest concerns was what sort of carry facility was provided on the bike so, as soon as I dropped off my luggage I scooted over to Gill Cycles to see them.  I brought one of my panniers and they are going to install a rack on the otherwise bare bicycle.  It did have a little underseat bag but I have a little more things to hold.

As for those delicious sandwiches;  here's an ingredient list from one I purchased at the Manchester Rail Station;

(You can click on them to see them full size)


  1. Good luck as you start riding. If it makes you feel better, it's pouring here as well, all week, so you are hardly missing good weather. Take it easy, be careful, stay warm and dry.

    Will be in NB starting tomorrow for a week, so I won't comment much till I get back. Thinking of you ... B

  2. Whoa! Sandwich suicide, eh?

    Bike, walk, sight-see, and oh yeah EAT safely....


  3. My gosh, they tell you what's in each ingredient, too!? That's a bit bloody much when you just want to enjoy your sandwich. Otherwise, it looks very yummy.

    I'm glad things worked out with the bike.
    Where are you now?