Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flight Home - FIN

Rushed through a very small breakfast, caught the 11 down to Princes St., walked over to Waverley Bridge and caught the Airlink bus, travelled to the airport, did all the airport hassle, waited, flew to Heathrow, did all the airport hassle, flew to Montreal but had a great bunch of conversations with a computing guy named Eric, who works in electric generating plant support. He was returning from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.  He told me he usually just says hello to people on flights but when he saw the Garmin around my wrist and my netbook booting in Ubuntu he figured this was someone worth a go. It was total geektalk from then on.
Arrived in Montreal, did the Customs and Airport hassle, flew to Ottawa, took the 97 home and...

found that the kitties had lied to me because they both greeted me at the door and thereafter pestered me with cuddles, rubs and purrs almost all night long.

 In the interests of geeks among us I shall publish elevation, duration and speed profiles of each segment of the cycling tour.
They will appear below as I process them.

Here are the written results (note that I failed to activate the GPS for the last part of day 1 and the  first part of day 5 so there's a bit missing). Times are Eastern.;

Caption on this one should be Chester-le-Street to Sunderland
And the Elevation Graphs by Day are shown below;


  1. Hey, so glad to hear you're back OK. And reunited with your kitlins. Everything sounds pretty decent, all round - so glad you had that special trip! Meanwhile here I am, cooking my first ever soup. Potato Leek! (Eeek! I'm a freak with cooking, it terrifies me and yet I try it).

  2. Lord love-a-duck, you're home! So glad you had a good time. Can you handle a beer soon?