Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantastic Ride to Edenhall

I had breakfast at 8:00 and no sooner was up in my room did I get a call saying the man was here to pick up my luggage.  Fortunately it was ready and labelled.  Each morning is a little choreographed episode; dress in regular clothes for breakfast, hurry upstairs to don my cycling togs, pack my regular clothes, drop the luggage off in  the lobby for 9:00, get my bike out of storage and be on my way.

The Keswick to Edenhall ride was spectacular and leaves me wanting to come back and savour some of the other routes.  There are videos and stills for your viewing enjoyment.  If you watch no other be sure that you look at 'Lamb Jumps...'  where I almost have lamb chops for lunch.

Boardwalk  Just East of Keswick
Old Railway Bridge

Beside the A66
Lamb Jumps in  Front of Me
A Couple of Cyclists
Walk around Penrith

Some Photos;
Keswick Early Morn

 My Bike in Penrith Churchyard

Mind the Horses (in College Grounds)

Blencowe Hall

Clearing Skies

The 'Quirky Cycle Barn' where cyclists are invited to drop in on the honour system, have a snack and drink, relax, read and rest.

'Quirky' Info

Cleared and Cool

I'm currently in the Edenhall Country Hotel which is the best so far. Had an ale and meal in the sunroom overlooking the garden.  Went for a walk and felt like someone out of a Thomas Hardy story.  Awaiting breakfast and my two major climbs today.

Navigation is now a breeze.  The official C2C is carefully marked with blue signposts and my GPS is flawless.  I've learned to use the map feature whereby I just keep my moving arrow aligned on the mapped route which, to my surprise, automatically scales itself to show the best detail for my speed.

The Route Map
View Keswick to Edenhall in a larger map

Next post will be from Rookhope on the other side of the two highest points on the route.

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