Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Bit of a Scare

Had a wee scare in that my left foot suddenly became very painful to the point that I thought it might force me to cancel the whole trip. This happened last week and I immediately gave it lots of rest which fixed it up in about three days. After that the kneecap started giving sharp pain, but that too has subsided to nothing.

The vision of starting out and finding myself in agony somewhere along the route was not a pleasant one but I'm back in fine form now. I think I was being a bit too active in my bike rides and aerobics classes.

Finishing up the final details; packing, house cleaning, a tiny bit of groceries to have something to eat when I return.

Sent a message to the bicycle hire to see what they provide in the way of carriers and tools. If I can get out of carrying the screwdriver I can do a carry-on only trip.

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