Monday, May 23, 2011

Exploring Newcastle

Had an early breakfast at the Roker in Sunderland, asked them to open the garage so I could put an identification tag on the bicycle for the Sherpa Van pickup, and then checked out.  I walked to the Metroline station and my ticket came out of the machine just in time for me to get on the train just pulling in.

Off in Newcastle I walked about 1.4 miles to the Clifton House (which I would recommend to anyone).  Despite my early arrival the owner welcomed me heartily, offered me coffee, drew a map of the immediate area with recommendations for dinner etc., and welcomed me to make myself completely at home in the common areas.

I stowed my luggage in my top floor room with skylight (though I will move to a smaller room tomorrow) and began my city walk.  Took in Life Centre, Great Northern Museum, Discovery Centre, The Biscuit Factory, a look at a portion of the original city wall, a planetarium show and a walk along the quayside.
Tomorrow I shall limit myself to buses and other forms of public transit. My feet are gradually recovering.

 The Arcade
 Life Centre
 City Wall
 Eclectic View
 Civic Centre
 Pedestrian Street
 University of Northumbria
 The Sage
 Clifton House, my Temporary  Home

1 comment:

  1. Jim! This is better than receiving post cards! - Magnificent - thanks for
    covering so much territory, I love the place where you are staying - WOW -
    you do live it up, don't you? I hope the food is good - you know my
    basic interests. I had no idea that Newcastle was so very interesting,
    I am fascinated by it's buildings and, especially the university.

    Don't hurry back, no big changes around here. God bless, Joani