Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Endurance Training

The last class of cycling endurance training is this coming Saturday and it's four hours in duration.

I think I'm hooked and will probably, if circumstances are right, repeat it next year.

The regular hour-long aerobics and strength classes just don't cut it anymore so I'm trying to find something a bit more strenuous.  Of course I can make regular runs up the Gatineau Parkway and try going farther afield on other routes.

Finally bought cycling shoes.  Funny to do it just before the last class but I'll use them for my tour and any regular cycling from now on.  Still not going with cleats; I know just about everyone falls over at least once while starting out - I did in downtown Toronto while making a left turn - and there are the multi-release versions, but I do too much stop-and-go to feel comfortable with them.

Should be receiving my detailed C2C notes early April with maps, etc.

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